Who We Are

For two generations, we at Dona Maria have been taking great care in preserving our invaluable heritage; bottling only the finest Feni from the tiny yet beautiful state of Goa located along the West coast of India.

This family- owned Feni bottling unit began in 1982, by Wilson and Melanie Vaz in a humble out house in their family home in Cuncolim, in South Goa. Today their three young sons, the family's second generation, Clinton, Hansel and Donovan, continue to uphold the high standards of the founder by sourcing Feni with a better taste, quality and an emphasis for time honoured craftsmanship.

We source our Feni liquor directly from distillers; always looking for a better taste, quality and an emphasis for time honoured craftsmanship in order to capture the finest expression of this long-lost classic Goan drink. We seek to restore the authenticity of a Feni, by bottling only the finest Feni; something that has not been altered and that has been crafted in small batches. Our Feni's are more individual and unique; aged for a year in glass carboys- garrafaons, and bottled depending on provenance. One of the recognisability's of this misunderstood spirit is the taste and smell of its original ingredient, which we choose never to change or compromise.

Fusing more than 400 years of tradition with a relentless pursuit for innovation, Cazulo Premium Feni liquor is our recent release, a very accessible introduction to what we're all about.

"We want to let you enjoy, the Feni experience that we already know"