Cazulo Premium Feni

Cazulo Premium Feni is distilled with a true sense of the place and runs a connection to the people who grow the main ingredients-the cashew and the coconut. There are two expressions of Feni; Cashew Feni and Coconut Feni. Each involves a delicate process of small batch pot-still distillation that is fundamentally very similar, yet the taste of each Feni is radically different. The small batch distillation of Feni has a fundamental effect on its final character; still retaining some of the delicate aromatics, congeners and flavour elements of the juice from which it was produced. As a thumb rule, the aroma is indicative of a carefully crafted feni; a harmoniously balanced orchestra of mysterious richness and spice. Each Feni may be clear and colourless, but the secret to the perfect Feni lies in the quality of the initial ingredients - the very land, water and air from where they were created.

Today Feni is also a synonym for Goa's Identity, and is an integral part of the Goan people's culture, like champagne to the French and tequila to the Mexicans. The time has come for Feni to be considered as Goa's Heritage drink. And so, fusing more than 400 years of tradition, with a relentless pursuit for innovation, Cazulo is truly the Goa's finest portfolio of Premium Feni.

"We want the discovery of a Cazulo Premium Feni bottle to be an initiation for the consumer into this exotic drink;
promoting a curiosity about its contents as much as about the land from which it comes from."